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  • Training programs

    We have a number of training programs, which will give you a high amount of return both on a personal level and on an organizational level. The programs are for both individuals and groups. They are available in German, English, Polish and Danish, however not all of them. Check the respective language.

  • Course materials
    and tools

    BTT complete a line of activities both for individuals and for groups. It can be closed trainings for groups inside a company/department or open trainings for multiple companies/departments. All the activities are about development of both people and organizations. We have developed a line of tools, which are available to others.

  • Games for development of people & organizations

    BTT has a line of board games for training and development. You can complete the games with or without a facilitator. We have games within areas like leadership, motivation, strategy and sales.

  • Knowledge sharing

    BTT has written a number of articles about leadership and business development, sales plus training and motivation, growth and value creation in organizations. Furthermore, we have written articles about personal development and development of the human potential

Business Training Tools


At Business Training Tools’ homepage, you will find various games, programs, tools, methods etc. to increase the development and growth in organizations and companies as well as on a personal level.


Every company has a great potential but many companies fail to use this. This potential can be set free and utilized with our training programs, games and tools, which will create a great amount of value and noticeable results for your company.

References and Results


See the list of references and results.

We have accomplished great results with our programs and our training both on an individual level, on an organizational level and within the private and the public sector. We have worked with training of individuals and large groups. Please look at our list of results – it speaks for itself.


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